Konnar was born in Calgary, Alberta but considers his true hometown to be Nanaimo, British Columbia, where he moved before his first birthday. By the age of seven, he had begun bowling competitively, something he continues to do to this day, even winning the award for high game of the tournament at the 2016 Vancouver Island Championships.

Part of the final graduating class at Woodlands Secondary, Konnar was heavily involved in the drama program in his high school, performing in two musicals during his time there. It was at this point he realized that he enjoyed being in the public eye, and started to consider pursuing a career that would keep him there more often.

Following his high school graduation, Konnar spent three years in three different majors at two post secondary intuitions in an attempt to figure out what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. It was at the end of year three that he decided the most beneficial thing for him to do would be to take a year off at focus on what interested him. It was during this year that he began consuming more news media than usual, and realized that was what he wanted to do.

Konnar will be graduating from the Broadcast and Online Journalism program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology in 2022.

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